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Road Map to SAT / ACT Math Success
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Road Map to SAT / ACT Math Success

Road Map to SAT / ACT Math Success

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About this course

Road Map to SAT/ACT Math Success is an intensive test preparation course designed to help students excel in the math section of the SAT and ACT exams. The course consists of ten sessions, each running from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The session dates are as follows: July 5, July 6, July 12, July 13, July 19, July 20, July 26, July 27, August 2, and August 3.


Spanning over five weeks, the course offers a total of 20 hours of instruction. With a cap size of 8 students, personalized attention and effective learning are ensured for each participant.


To enroll in this course, students must have completed algebra two as a prerequisite. It is specifically tailored for students who are planning to take the SAT or ACT exams in the fall.


Throughout the course, students can expect a comprehensive approach to math test preparation. The curriculum covers essential math concepts in Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, and Probability, with a focus on the SAT and ACT exams.


In addition to content review, the class emphasizes key test-taking strategies, enabling students to develop effective techniques for solving math problems efficiently. Calculator proficiency and techniques are also addressed to optimize the use of this crucial tool during the exams. Time management skills are emphasized to ensure students can complete the math section within the allotted time.


The course provides ample opportunities for practice, including practice tests, followed by thorough review sessions. This allows students to apply their knowledge, identify areas that require further work, and reinforce their understanding of the concepts.


Overall, Road Map to SAT/ACT Math Success offers a focused and structured approach to math test preparation, equipping students with the necessary knowledge, strategies, and confidence to achieve success on the SAT and ACT exams.


Course Includes:

  • Initial student assessment
  • Review of fundamental SAT / ACT math concepts in Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics and Probability
  • Key test taking strategies
  • Calculator proficiency and techniques
  • Time management
  • Practice tests and review

Ideal for students taking SAT in the fall


When does this course begin?

Begins July 5 – August 3
Wednesday and Thursdays
11:00 am – 1:00 pm

What is the prerequisite for signing up for this course?

Completion of Algebra 2

What is the refund policy?

Click here read our cancellation policy.

Who would benefit from this course?

Our SAT/ACT test prep tutoring course is designed to benefit students who are preparing for college entrance exams. It is specifically tailored to meet the needs of students seeking personalized and comprehensive guidance to achieve their best possible scores on these exams. Whether you are aiming to enhance your chances of admission to top-tier universities or seeking to maximize your scholarship opportunities, our course can provide the targeted support you need.

What skills and practice are important, and what can students hope to gain from taking this course?

Our SAT/ACT test prep tutoring offers a range of important skills and practices that are crucial for success in these exams. By enrolling in this course, students can expect to:

1. Comprehensive Content Mastery: Our expert tutors specialize in SAT/ACT exams and provide personalized instruction in key subject areas such as math, reading comprehension, grammar, and science reasoning. Students will develop a deep understanding of the content and acquire the knowledge necessary to tackle the challenging questions they may encounter.

2. Test-Taking Strategies: Our tutors are well-versed in the specific question types and test formats found in the SAT/ACT exams. They will guide students in mastering effective test-taking techniques, including time management, question prioritization, and elimination strategies. These strategies are designed to optimize performance and improve overall test scores.

3. Diagnostic Assessments: Each student receives a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This helps our tutors create tailored lesson plans that address individual needs, focusing on areas where improvement is most needed. Students can expect personalized attention that targets their specific areas of growth.

4. Practice Tests and Review Sessions: Our course includes ample opportunities for students to engage in practice tests and review sessions. These components allow students to simulate test conditions, gain familiarity with the exam structure, and fine-tune their skills. Regular practice tests also help build confidence and enable students to track their progress throughout the course.

By taking our SAT/ACT test prep tutoring course, students can begin to  develop, understand and practice the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in the  college entrance exams. Our approach ensures that each student receives attention they need to maximize their potential and achieve their desired scores.