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Homeschool Support

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Homeschool Support

Flexible support for homeschool families

As a homeschooling parent, it can feel like there simply isn’t enough time in the day. As educators, we know that constantly keeping up with lesson plans while ensuring your children are engaged can be quite a challenge.

DNA Academics can help! We offer homework support for children who are enrolled in a homeschooling or hybrid schedule. Your child can sit with an expert tutor and can help them learn the curriculum or complete their homework.

We know that homeschooling can be a challenge with new ways of teaching and learning. Our team of educators can hold sessions for homeschooled kids on an as-needed basis. You don’t have to navigate homeschooling alone – we can help!

Topics for homeschool support can include math, reading, English, history, or any other topic that you have curriculum for.

FAQs for Homeschool Support

1. What days can I bring my child in?

We can help with homeschool education any day of the week, but you must register your child.

2. Is there a certain number of days my child needs to attend?

You can sign your child up for as many days as you want, as low as one day per week or up to five days per week.

3. How many hours a day is this service available?

Our tutors are available for up to 4 hours of homeschool support per day.

4. How do I register my child?

To inquire about homeschool support, please call our office at 239-427-3037 or email