Program – DNA Academics

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Reading Summer Academics Is your student Struggling with reading? Let us lend a helping hand at our summer reading program by Unlocking the magic of reading with our specialized phonics support based on the science of reading! Grades: Any Young Student Struggling

Chemistry and Cooking What is matter? What are chemicals? What are chemical reactions? What’s a catalyst? These are excellent questions, worthy of an excellent answer

Coding and 3D Printing Coding is kind of like writing down a recipe for your computer to whip up. Computers love clear step-by-step instructions. Writing those instructions is called Coding. In this Academic Adventure Mrs. Shanon Admire will be teaching you

Physics and Mixed Martial Arts An armbar uses lever mechanics. A lever is a simple type of machine. There are four parts to a lever: 1- A Fulcrum (Hips) 2- An Effort (Hug It) 3- Load (Elbow) 4- A Tap (or- OW,