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Understanding the Highly Selective Holistic Review Process

Understanding the Highly Selective Holistic Review Process

Zoom Course Details:

  • Cost: $45.00
  • When: Tuesday, November 7, 2023, 6:00 -7:00 pm
  • Open for Parents and High School Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors

About this webinar

Take the first step in getting your kids into their dream schools with this 1-hour webinar with higher learning educator and experienced admissions officer, Sonam Aidasani. Sonam has dedicated her career to directly advising high school students on the selective college application process.

  • Sonam has reviewed more than 10,000 admissions applications in her career!
  • Over the years Sonam has helped young adults gain acceptance into prestigious universities like Yale, UPenn, Stanford, Cornell, Columbia, Duke, MIT, Caltech, Washington University in St. Louis, Brown, Georgetown, Emory, Vanderbilt, Wellesley, Pomona, Oberlin, UC-Berkeley, UT-Austin, UNC-Chapel Hill, Johns Hopkins, and the University of Southern California.

What we will cover

  • Thinking about qualities of a university that suit your needs best
  • Learning the type of deadlines like ED, EA, REA, SCEA, and RD
  • Choosing the ACT or the SAT
  • The significance of SAT Subject Tests and AP Exams
  • How to showcase extracurricular activities on your application
  • Tips for crafting an admissions essay that wows your Admissions Officer and highlights your unique qualities
  • Test dates for PSAT, ACT, and SAT
  • Developing a resume that showcases accomplishments and activities
  • Practical advice for SAT/ACT test prep
  • College/University Research & Networking